Why IT Leaders Choose Open Source with Brent Schroeder

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Welcome back to season one of The OCTOPod, where we are continuing our conversations about open source! Today, you’ll hear from Brent Schroeder about why IT leaders are choosing open source. As Global CTO, Brent is responsible for shaping SUSE’s technology and portfolio strategy in support of emerging use cases in areas such as Hybrid Cloud, IoT, and AI/ML. He drives technology relationships with numerous industry partners, participates in open source communities, as well as evangelizes the SUSE vision with customers, press, and analysts. In this episode, Brent unpacks some of the main findings from SUSE’s recent research report on why IT leaders are choosing open source and we discuss how COVID has accelerated innovation in IT, the role of open source in helping corporations achieve their business objectives, and some of the primary motivators driving explosive growth in this area, plus so much more! Tune in today.
Key Points From This Episode:

  • Brent shares a bit about the SUSE research report on why IT leaders are choosing open.
  • Why this report is of interest for developers; the value of being on the same page as leaders.
  • How the pandemic has accelerated innovation in IT, from technologies to processes.
  • Key investment areas for IT leaders, including multi-cloud strategy and edge computing.
  • How IT has evolved from cost center to enabler of business opportunity and differentiation.
  • Brent on the role of open source in enabling these new initiatives and driving innovation.
  • His thoughts on how the involvement of big tech players can benefit the community.
  • What COVID has taught him about innovation in technology; why innovation is not an option.
  • Some of the innovative technology Brent has seen being adopted, like containers.
  • How user-centric open source forums are influencing business leaders and IT leaders.
  • The top three motivators driving explosive growth: velocity, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

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