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Some belting questions this week from the bunch of absolute legends in the academy ...

  • Aside from client education, what more can I do to support clients outside of sessions to improve my service and it’s value?
  • Top 3 Monthly Goal Review questions!
  • United or City? can never think of a question
  • How many hours per week of coaching (in the gym) should I aim for?
  • "As you know I’m mainly working on developing my online coaching. Do you have any advice on how I can reach a wider audience?
  • Evening though I have online clients and I’m getting great feedback and referral’s, my clients are all still local people to my area. I feel like one of the reason why they sign up with me is because I’m the local guy from the gym who know his stuff. The only thing I can think to of is paid ads. I’m not complaining, I’m just curious and it would be nice to get myself know out of North Lincolnshire 😆"
  • How do I approach the delicate subject of asking clients whether they have been vaccinated? Is it even ethical to do so?
  • How do you get the balance of not dictating to clients but at the same time giving that accountability
  • Mailchamp or active campaign for emailing
  • How would you recommend communicating to clients that you are moving online?
  • "1) I feel as if my head has been up my arse the last week or so. I have managed to complete my most important tasks but that's about it. Any tips for getting back on track.
  • 2) I'm considering leafleting my local area, do you have any advice on how to do this properly?" "Client Monthly Reviews As I get busier I feel it may be more challenging to fit in all my monthly reviews into the last week of every month.
  • I usually do my monthly review over zoom, if me and my client are struggling to find a time that suits both of us, would it be ok for me to send them over a monthly review form & then record a video giving them feedback and discussing their goals for the next month?
  • Another potential option I've came up with is to do their review at the end of their last PT session of the month.
  • Would these options be ok if I can't fit their call in on the last week of the month?"

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