The Richard Syrett Show - Aug 5, 2022 - Toronto's Shelter Program, Conservatives Opposing the Carbon Tax, & GOP States Refusing 'Woke' Banks

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Today on the Richard Syrett Show: Journalist for True North Contributor, Sue-Ann Levy explains how Toronto’s shelter program keeps people homeless and dependent. Tom Korski, managing editor at Blacklocks discusses the federal government still enforcing vax orders. Franco Terrazzano, federal director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation brings up how not all conservatives oppose a second carbon tax & why they should. Then Jim Sallas “The Sofa Cinefile” & the LimRiddler.
V.P. of public relations with the Canadian Coalition for Firearm RIghts, Tracey Wilson talks about Canada banning the importation of handguns starting August 19. WND author, Art Moore on GOP states refusing to do business with ‘woke’ banks. “Somethings Happening Here” with host of the Greg Carrasco Show Greg Carrasco. Then astronomy professor at York University, Paul A. Delaney shares his thoughts on the Earth racing to complete a revolution in less than 24 hours.

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