The Richard Syrett Show - Aug 8, 2022 - Human Rights Complaint Delivered, No Dental Plan by End of Year, & US Sending More Money to Ukraine

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Today on the Richard Syrett Show: Franco Terrazzano, federal director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation explains how Poilievre can put people back in charge with recalls and referendums. Rebel News journalist, Tamara Ugolini discusses the human rights complaint being delivered to the human rights council. Then Stefan Verstappen, The Survivalist
Daniel Bordman, senior contributor for the National Telegraph talks about Jagmeet Singh saying there’s going to be no dental plan by the end of the year. Columnist and political analyst Drew Allen brings up the U.S. sending an additional $4.5 billion to Ukraine for budget needs. Then Imran Hasan, the chairman of Peel Crime Stoppers talks about their new show launching here on Sauga960AM.

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