2022 NFL Draft Digital Row with Dane Brugler & Amy Trask

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Rob "Stats" Guerrera sits down with two of the smartest people in the business to attack the draft from two different angles. First, The Athletic's Dane Brugler breaks down this year's class like no one else, and former Raiders CEO Amy Trask explains the business side of the big day.

Dane Brugler

  • How much does where a player ends up determine how good his career becomes? (4:30)
  • How big a gap is there between the best and worst teams at drafting players? (6:09)
  • Could we really see no skill players taken in the top 10? (9:48)
  • What will the Jaguars do at #1? (13:10)
  • Who is the underrated player thats going to go in Round 1? (15:55)
  • Who is the player that's being called a first round pick that shouldn't be? (17:02)
  • Who is the day two or three player that's going to be a star? (19:02)

Amy Trask

  • What exactly is the "business side" of the draft? (20:43)
  • What teams do off the field for rookies to help them succeed (24:21)
  • A crazy idea for getting rid of the NFL Draft completely (27:07)
  • What would happen if teams had to recruit rookies? (30:05)

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