021 | Jonathan Fields: How to Live a Good Life

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CODE YELLOW ALERT! This book was full of yellow highlighter by the time I was done with it. Jonathan Fields, author of this masterpiece called How to Live a Good Life, joins me for a discussion about how you can find fulfillment by filling all three of your Good Life Buckets. Here's what we talked about: * How to use “exposure therapy” to face fear and uncertainty. * The benefits of being an introvert, and how to use your own social wiring to your advantage. * One simple thing you can do to stop reacting to life and start living with more intention and meaning. * How to give your gratitude practice a big boost, and make someone else feel good at the same time. * The best way to start meaningful conversations (you’ll never have to ask “What do you do?” ever again.) * How to love the job you’re with, and be more fulfilled in ANY workplace. * What to do if you don’t know what your passion or purpose is, and why you shouldn’t worry about it if you don’t. Learn more about Jonathan at www.goodlifeproject.com. Hosted by Sean Croxton

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