How to transition to a plant-based diet for health (and the planet), with Rohini Bajekal

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Rants, raves and reviews: In the last episode of series 3, Holly and Molly discuss this week's positive vegan news stories along with the action being taken against Subway by Good Catch. They also review new desserts from Over the Spoon along with a tasty launch by Higgidy, before answering your questions on vegan ice cream.
The interview: Holly meets nutritionist and Plant-Based Health Professionals representative Rohini Bajekal to discuss the results of the recent National Food Strategy. Is a 30% reduction of meat intake enough? Should fruit and vegan be subsidised? And is it up to us to make changes or the big food corporations? They also touch on the results of Professor Tim Spector's Zoe Covid study which found that those eating a good quality plant-based diet were 40% less likely to get severe disease. Rohini shares her tips for getting started with plant-based eating and runs through what her daily diet looks like.
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