Episode 2.9 Jo Ann and Mathew: Solo Mom Talks to Solo Dad

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Mathew talks to his mother Jo Ann, who became a widow at the age of 37, after Mathew’s father died of a massive heart attack while on a business trip. Jo Ann soon moved Mathew, then 11, and his 6-year-old brother Jonathan from Southern California to Northern California to begin a whole new life. Throughout what was an overwhelming time, Jo Ann encountered many acts of kindness and connection that showed her that the Universe was looking out for her, as it looks out for all of us. She also found solace in her faith, and a sense of community from the church.

It can be easy to romanticize your lost loved ones, but it’s important to go out and find someone to share the rest of your life with, knowing that people come into, and leave, our lives when they’re meant to. Jo Ann describes her regrets, and her advice to those going through similar circumstances.

Here, mother and son discuss the importance of self-care, which includes having alone time, the importance of asking for help, the Bible verses that address grief and widowhood.


· “There’s more to this life than this minute and this thing we’re doing right now.” (5:15-5:20 | Jo Ann)

· “If the universe and the Lord could hear a little boy’s desire, in the midst of heartbreak and fulfill it, who was I to worry? (15:34-15:45 | Jo Ann)

· “Sometimes the universe as big as it is can be really, really small. Sometimes things happen for reasons or we find the reasons in them.” (31:39-31:46 | Matthew)

· “Everyone’s is a unique journey. There’s no duplicate, and what’s going to be yours is going to be yours, uniquely.” (42:59-43:13 | Jo Ann)

· “Is there anything that you did that you wouldn’t want me to repeat? ‘Boy, I really hope that another widow or widower doesn’t do this, or ends up doing that.’” (52:53-53:08 | Mathew)

· “What has this grief taught you about life or about people?” (59:13-59:23 | Mathew)

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