Yelp: Why Remote First Works

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Users depend on Yelp for great customer reviews but how do its remote team members depend on one another? CPO Carmen Orr talks about the company’s recent transition to remote work, how the company invests in employee well-being, and what a thriving culture looks like. Carmen Orr joined Yelp earlier this year with 20 years of HR experience. Her main focus has been on transitioning the company into a remote environment.

Some Questions Asked:

  • What attracted Orr to Yelp? 4:17
  • How does Orr guide her team to support Yelp’s employees? 12:52
  • How does Orr manage her self-care and model that standard for her employees? 21:24

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About the company’s plans to invest in their employee experience.
  • How Orr maintains a thriving, remote work culture.
  • What Yelp does to manage authenticity on its platform.


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