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This is a 'Discussion Episode' of the #TherapistsConnect Podcast. We asked a panel of therapists and mental health practitioners to take over the podcast and discuss a particular topic. In this panel, the guests discuss what it is like to run a mental health business whilst also working in other roles in the world of mental health. This discussion was so interesting we have broken it down into two episodes - we will release a special 'bonus' episode in 2023.
The host of this podcast is a previous guest - Kim Evans (see the August 2022 episode to hear more about Kim!). Kim is a Person-Centred Psychotherapist, Research Supervisor and Coach. Her company Kaemotherapy training and consultancy helps therapists to explore race in their therapeutic work and better support a racially diverse range of clients.
Ngozi Cadmus is our second-panel member. Ngozi is a Mental Health and Leadership Expert, and Business Strategist.
Vaness Boachie is our third panellist and is the Founder of Inside Out Wellbeing. A not-for-profit social enterprise committed to helping people improve their mental health and well-being.
All the panellists were open to being contacted via any of the usual ways (see their social media links below).
Kim Evans
Facebook and Instagram - @kaemotherapy
Or email to find out more!
P.s. You can drop her an email if you'd like to join her free Facebook community of Game Changers.
Ngozi Cadmus

Tik Tok:
Vanessa Boachie - Psychological Therapist & Founder of Inside Out (Well-being)
Linked In:

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