351 - TSS Discussion and Other Turkey Talk

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TSS Discussion and Other Turkey Talk

Cameron and Andy discuss TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) on this week's episode and a few other topics.

There are so many disputes on social media about whether or not TSS shotgun shells should be banned for hunting wild turkeys or not. Cameron and Andy have a friendly discussion about TSS shotgun shells for turkey hunting. Cameron basically says that he would like to see some studies done where eliminating TSS, decoys, fanning, etc from the sport of turkey hunting would enable states to leave their bag limits and season lengths untouched. Andy is of the opinion that eliminating tools like TSS is too little and much too late. Cameron and Andy both are of the opinion that, at the very least, season start dates need to be pushed back later in the year to allow turkeys more time to breed undisturbed.

There is also some discussion about other turkey hunting topics as well as mention of the state of Arizona hiring a social media influencer to come to the state to showcase Coues Deer hunting in the state and then 3 to 5 years later shutting down the Coues Deer hunting season because the deer had received too much pressure. The question was brought up about whether or not this type of activity is going on in the turkey hunting world as well. Cameron and Andy are both of the opinion that if social media influencers are being paid to turkey hunt public land in a certain state while the state is reducing bag limits and shortening season lengths at the same time then this type of advertising by the states doing so need to be stopped immediately. Do you wonder if your state is doing the same?

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