The Witchcast - Episode 55 - Guiding Thy Hand: The VVitch Deconstructed, and the Trouble with Gurus

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Welcome to a most delicious Witchcast in which Lucy delves deep within the rich occult symbology of Robert Eggers’ masterpiece, The VVitch. Discover the fascinating associations between hares and witches, why goats were chosen to stand in for the “devil” and the truth behind the dark archetypes brought to life within this New England folktale.

This episode is filled with magickal history and occult art references - including which Old Masters painting inspired the final scene of the VVitch, and just how much of a nightmare the goat playing Black Philip was for one cast member (who ended up in the ER!). Lucy then answers some really tricky questions about when to reveal secrets, coping with crushes and why placing your faith in gurus (or people who claim they are) is never likely to go well. Featuring the Oracle of the Hidden Worlds, haunting pagan songs and so much fun, this is a stellar magickal episode!

With thanks to Shayne the Wizard for his production magicks, to Kohli Tea (yum) Blue Angel Publishing (check out their creations) and Primal Healing for spreading the good vibes - and their sponsorship. And to all the Patreon folks - you’re how Lucy can make the Witchcast every week. You are all LEGENDS!


  • Daligan: Beneath
  • Ashley Serena: O Willow Waly
  • Loki Hines: His Boi Blues

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