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When asked to describe himself, Netic hesitates then answers with a confidence that makes me think his hesitation was more for me than for himself, Like he's had the answer ready all along. "I'm a Ronin Jedi, mastering both sides of the force..." If you're wondering "WTF does that mean?", he's already got you where he wants you, "wondering". It's this type of cryptic coding that makes Netic Rebel's “This Message Will Self Destruct" podcast so intriguing. The exploration of ideas is the only mission, a commitment to the "why”. Topics ranging from the esoteric, to the tactile, technology to history, conspiracy theories, Men, Women, health and fitness to martial arts, psychedelics, spirit medicines, shamanic rituals to porn and any other random thing that Netic finds a curiosity for. "This Message Will Self Destruct" is a journey into the mind of Netic Rebel and whomever he finds interesting enough to have on as a guest.

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