Awesome News! Depression Is Not Caused By Chemical Imbalance In The Brain.

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People have been persuaded that depression is caused by a serotonin imbalance, but in this episode people may wish to reconsider whether taking antidepressants is the best thing for them. According to a research study from the University College London at North East London NHS Trust,
“Thousands of people suffer from side-effects of antidepressants, including the severe withdrawal effects that can occur when people try to stop them, yet prescription rates continue to rise. We believe this situation has been driven partly by the false belief that depression is due to a chemical imbalance. It is high time to inform the public that this belief is not grounded in science. “ By Joanna Moncrieff professor of Psychiatry.
The review, published in the journal of Molecular Psychiatry. This study involved tens of thousands of people examining their serotonin and depression and it’s breakdown products in their brain.
This study explains that people should not necessarily be told that the reason they have depression is because of low levels of Serotonin, and leading them to believe that antidepressants is the solution. This is misinformation.
This episode is based on studies proven by credible information.
I do not recommend anyone to stop taking their antidepressants, but based on this review I encourage everyone with concerns about their medication to contact your Doctor.

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