Twin Pregnancy with a Chronic Illness | Pregnant Twin Mom Lauren Mulenos

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Nat chats with Lauren Mulenos, pregnant first-time mom of twins, about managing her twin pregnancy while managing her chronic illnesses of ulcerative colitis, post birth control syndrome, and scoliosis. She also shares her thoughts on how important it is to not ignore the signs that something is wrong.

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Lauren Mulenos is a content creator based in Los Angeles with her husband, two cats, great dane, and soon to be twinnies! Her background is in apparel merchandising which is why she started her fashion blog; however, over the years it has developed into more of a lifestyle page including everything from her favorite recipes to her battle with ulcerative colitis, and now twins! She is excited to be a part of the twinnie world and is so happy to have found Twiniversity in her first trimester, thanks to her sister. Her twins are due this coming fall. Lauren created her website LMents of Style to bring you pops of daily elements for life and style. Her website is a hub of style inspiration whether you need insight on dinner parties, travel musings, or just outfit ideas. You can find her on Instagram @ellemulenos and YouTube.

Lauren's Top 3 Tips for a Twin Pregnancy

1) Listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you

2) Just book the doctor's appointment even if you are scared

3) Be your own advocate for your body and keep searching for answers (or a new doctor - hah!)


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