Uncommonly Powerful Preaching - by Paul Washer & Other Faithful Preachers

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Uncommonly Powerful Preaching is a podcast that aims to expose people to powerful & shocking sermons that were not preached by today's celebrity preachers with huge ministries, but by the hidden diamonds of God, faithful preachers that are unknown to the world. One of the preachers that will most frequently be on this podcast is Paul Washer from HeartCry Missionary Society. For those new to this podcast I recommend that you listen to its 1st episode (May 3, 2007), which is a sermon by Paul Washer delivered to 5,000 youth - which is the number 1 downloaded sermon of all time on SermonAudio.com with over 62,000 downloads. If you don't want to download the high quality MP3s, you may stream them (as well as find older episodes) at: www.upp.mypodcast.com

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