I Carry Love in the Hearse of My Arms

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These are trying times. Tishani Doshi writes "You would have expected the clocks to freeze". In this once-in-a-century tragedy, when grief sits outside our doors, and then comes in without knocking, there's only memory, meditation or living in the moment which can sustain meaning. We all make mistakes. Alas, some mistakes are more expensive than others and get counted in human lives. Beyond the mistake, lies redemption and the cure. But true healing begins when we go beyond the blame, and realize we are also a part of the problem - and have to be a part of the solution. Reaching out is a way to reach the goodness inside us. And kindness, beyond ourselves, is the only poetry which can save others -and save us. Be there for friends who need you. Donate to organizations like Give India on giveindia.org. Be positive. Be active. Be available. I am Sunil Bhandari.

I am a poet based out of India. My book of poetry 'Of Love and Other Abandonments' was an Amazon bestseller. My second book is 'Of journeys & Other Ways to Get Lost'. Both are available on Amazon.

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Follow me on Instagram at @sunilgivesup. Get in touch with me on uncutpoetrynow@gmail.com

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