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“What class is my car in?” If you’ve spent anytime at the registration table of an autocross event, you have probably heard this question more than once. Veteran autocrosser and former CNY SCCA autocross chair Scott Newton has answered that question countless times over the years. Scott joins host Mark Mangicaro to help shed a little light on SCCA autocross classing.

Since a discussion of each individual class would be an hours-long conversation that would test the patience of just about anyone who participates in autocross, we keep this discussion limited to the broader topic of categories.

There are nine SCCA autocross categories. This episode summaries each of them by stating the basic rules for each category and how they relate to one another.

For a more in-depth look at the individual categories, listeners are encouraged to explore episodes 5-11 where the 7 most popular categories are discussed in greater detail.

An exhaustive explanation of all of the rules for each category can be obtained by going to and selecting “2022 Solo Rules download”.

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