Ep. 24 Tessa Weber -PR from the heart

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Dear listener!

In this episode you can get to know Tessa Weber, who is a PR professional, media and presentation trainer, lifestyle coach. Her unique combination of expertise led us to touch up on topics like:

-The role of trust in today’s world, but also the almost unavoidable notion of being fake.

-The thin layers between PR, marketing and sales and how these fields meant to support each other.

-How to operate as a PR professional with solid value system and morals?

Because of her background Tessa is able to see and recognize blockages and patterns on the level of an individual and also able to scale up and see through entire organizations as well.

She helps entrepreneurs, startups and established bigger companies to communicate their true message and fully align their core values with their activities and communication.

Often times entrepreneurs struggle to really dig deep in their soul/heart and find the one key message. The one, that would help them in building a thriving business with meaningful products and services. The transformational training developed by Tessa contains methods and tools to find this key message and break through blockages that hinder accessing it and with that holding back many of us from our true potential.

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