Ep. 6 Bart Doorneweert ~Enlightening People Through Entrepreneurship Education

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Dear listeners! In this episode of Wachama talks you can get to know Bart Doorneweert who is an entrepreneurship educator. Bart is mainly active as a Partner at Source Institute and he is also a guest lecturer at Wageningen University (entrepreneurship and business model innovation) His approach is more about providing useful tools, building networks and partnerships rather than giving lectures based on books. Throughout the years Bart as a former farmer/economist/researcher/entrepreneur cultivated theoretical and practical experiences that allows him to combine his skills and knowledge and make the beast use of it as an educator/mentor for starters. Useful & related links: Source Institute: source.institute/ Bart's blog about value chain generation valuechaingeneration.com/ Bart's Twitter account: twitter.com/BartDoorneweert Business Model Canvas: strategyzer.com/canvas/business-model-canvas Leancamp: leancamp.co/ Steve Blank: "Entrepreneurship is a calling" www.youtube.com/watch?v=r51eQ2vPZSs

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