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The 80’s were filled with some serious heavy hitters. If you’re one of the CULTURE, skateboarding LEGEND Mark Heintzman is a name that stood out amongst those. After crushing every contest in his path. The Ohio native was crowned NSA Street Champion in ‘88, and soon after- took the world by storm. Becoming the first street pro for G&S Skateboards, was no small task. Yet, Mark handled it all with style & grace. One of the top selling skateboards, classic photos & magazine covers.. Mans did it really big. And, he’s here on WCRP today to tell his story.
Tune in, as Mark talks memories of skating in the early 80’s. The evolution of street skateboarding. We both have some bizarre Gator stories, you don’t want to miss. He shares a story of the Gullwing Army Tour in NYC. We talk skateboard trucks, “contest skaters”, the new generation & all things skateboarding!
I’d like to thank Mark, for his time. And, everything he’s done for the game. As I’ve stated- he was the real-deal, and still one of the realest dudes out here. Be on the lookout for Part 2, on Monday!!
You know how we do about this time.. Its the mighty, mighty WCRP on Skateboarding! Lets GO!!- Clyde Singleton

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