Ep.196 - Serena Williams, Pakistan & Dreams

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In a week where:

  1. Gazprom shut down European Gas Pipeline indefinitely.
  2. Angus ‘Drummie’ Gaye, Singer of British reggae band Aswad dies aged 62.
  3. Chile vote against new & progressive constitution draft.
  4. Liz Truss is officially Britain's new Prime Minister.
  5. At least 74 people killed, hundreds injured after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck SW China.

In Sports: (5:25) Weeks since she penned the indication of retirement, Serena Williams is officially done in her Tennis career after losing in the US Open 3rd Round and all there is to do is to give her flowers.

In Climate: (18:56) A solid chunk of Pakistan is underwater at the moment, yet another glaring moment in the pending climate apocalypse.

In Life: (31:24) Dreams are a funny thing. Some people put a ton of meaning on it, some like me don't put much into it; (partly because I don't remember them) so do dreams matter?

Lastly, in Music: (45:48) As part of a DJ Khaled victory lap on Twitter Spaces, Jay-Z took a couple of minutes to put a gun to my hopes for Hip-Hop and further confirmed how entrenched he is in capitalism.

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Interlude - "Charismatic" By NappyHigh
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