Ep.202 - Boomers, Rappers & Silence

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In a week where:
1. Joe Biden pardons all prior federal offences of simple weed possession.
2. Former policeman attacks Thai daycare centre, killing 38, including 24 children.
3. Three people were killed in an explosion on a crucial bridge linking Russia and Crimea.
4. Kyiv is hit with over 40 missiles.
5. Actress Angela Lansbury dies aged 96.

In Tech - (7:34) The Twitter/Elon saga continues with a fresh push for Elon to buy Twitter; he even seeks to "fix" Twitter. Which... Good luck with that.

In Society - (21:04) It's no surprise that Boomers don't get the true level of fucked people younger than them are at. Case in point, a woman fresh off the Tory Conference going in on the state of housing.

In Music - (31:56) Rappers getting killed is seeming like a consistent occurrence these days. And whilst we can have the same argument that's been had since the dawn of time, there's always a deeper thread to pull.

Lastly, in Life - (46:42) What's the longest you have gone without saying anything? A few minutes? Sure. A day? Unlikely. How about 17 years? One man has done just that and, ironically, has some words on the effort.

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