Ep.203 - Societal Collapse & Stans

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In a week where:

  1. Kwasi Kwarteng "resigns" as Chancellor.
  2. Actor Robbie Coltrane dies aged 72.
  3. Man United's Mason Greenwood is been charged with attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault occasioning ABH.
  4. Claressa Shields beats Savannah Marshall in biggest Women's Boxing night ever.
  5. Happy 100th birthday to the BBC.

In Society - (7:42) There has been a lot going on in the UK recently and the the wider you look out, the more it's evident that societal collapse is very close to becoming a reality.

In Life - (25:53) Battersea Power Station is back after a decades-long project to rejuvenate the 'accidental masterpiece'. And as with most "rejuvenations", its now a symbol for consumerism.

In Sport - (41:52) The Qatar World Cup is now weeks away and the think pieces on it and sportswashing at large has begun. Starting with this meditation on Qatar itself and how its worse than 'Sportswashing'.

Lastly, in Music - (52:52) I hate stans, I hate "Stan Culture". It's a scourge on music discourse and artists who have the strongest, seem to never actually call it out. Why is that?

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Interlude - "Charismatic" By NappyHigh
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