Woman Awake - The Soul-led Journey of Awakening Through Womandhood and Motherhood

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Join Claire Obeid on her new podcast - 'Woman Awake - as she shares her soul-led journey of awakening through womanhood and motherhood. www.claireobeid.com/podcast This is OUR journey, in mind, body and soul towards consciousness. Seeking clarity. Hunting down the truth. Diving into the discomfort of healing. Uncovering shadows and rising out of them back. Rising into a NEW woman. Through my personal brand of storytelling, musings, wisdom bombs and insights we journey into motherhood, the catalyst, if you so choose, to become more conscious, aware... woke. I’m just one mama following the path to awakening. And I hope you choose to wake up with me too. From meditation, yoga and spirituality to health, wellbeing, mindset, conscious living and conscious parenting, Claire will dive into it ALL. Featuring moments of contemplation mixed with inspired action and handy take-aways, Claire will support you as you journey to WOKE. Claire will also hold Q&A sessions, answering listeners questions and riffing on important topics. Claire also offers regular mini-meditation sessions to support her listener's in cultivating inner stillness, connection and clarity. Regular segments featuring thought-leaders, interviews with experts and game-changers add depth, further insight and mountains of inspiration ABOUT CLAIRE: Claire is a Somatic Life Coach. Yoga Teacher. EFT Practitioner. Meditation Guide. Soul Seeker. doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Mama to little Soleil and Rafael. She is passionate about supporting individuals to cultivate their own thoroughly equipped Wellness Tool-kit so that they may live in full health, consciously, in presence, gratitude and joy.

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