Return of the Jedi (w/Paul Crowther)/Forest Moon of Endor IPA

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It's RETURN OF THE.... uhhhh.... POP CULTURE BREWS PODCAST! Featuring everyone's favorite homebrewing Jedi Tyler, Andrew and The Mad Brewer himself, Paul Crowther! (@themadbrewery on twitter, with writing on This episode the (absolutely knackered) lads discuss the, what was at the time, the finale to the Star Wars saga. Sit back, grab your favorite Ewok and beer, and enjoy the ride!

Endor IPA

5.5lb pale malt (root shoot)

3.5lb maris otter

.75lb white wheat malt

.5lb caramel crystal 20l

.5lb carapils

.25 Munich Malt

.5oz Citra (60 mins)

1oz Citra (20 mins)

1oz Citra (10 mins)

1oz Citra (5 mins)

3oz Chinook (dry hop)

3oz Simcoe (dry hop)

Yeast: California Yeast


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