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Gordy is out this week, so it's just the 'el trio'. The week starts off with D's story of getting a phone call from Hailey from Mountain Strong Hemp Company who hooked us up with some tasty hemp products. They cell Delta-8 THC products, including shatter, gummies, and everything else that is great.
Now onto the real news, Honch gets to the point: What is the weirdest thing that you pulled out of your anus? The 11 weirdest things ever pulled from an anus. It started with a story of a student who got a vibrator stuck in your butt, and her boyfriend was unable to get it out. He attempted removal using BBQ tongs. After using it as a sex tool, it ended up in a visit to the doctor where they had to remove it. That wasn't the most extreme though.
The second thing that Honch decides to bring up, is a glass bottle being stuck in. Should we keep going? The Honch does...and apparently, he doesn't have a safe word.
A California man, was poking around a farmland (vineyard), where he found a large fan. The man climbed into it, and got stuck. Police show up, the question him, and he stated that he was taking photographs, but as it turns out, he had a lot of meth on him. Not so much on the photos.
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