It takes a village, with Ilana

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Ilana is a wise, strong woman full of knowledge and examples that will enhance your wellness. Listen to this episode to hear her stories and what gives her hope and motivation to keep going, as she mentions you cannot have light without the dark. She commonly refers to “it takes a village”, meaning it takes a community and support to move through life’s challenges. She has learned to identify what she needs moment to moment and indulge with resources and positivity. Ilana knows she needs to put the oxygen mask on herself first to protect her peace and engage with self-care tendencies. She says that what you focus on will grow, to let go of people who cannot meet you in your journey and to move forward with love. Toolboxes are essential on our journeys and Ilana’s toolbox is full of golden resources. Ilana shares openly about her diagnosis with a mixed depressive mood disorder, her diagnosis brought clarity and recognition of patterns. She also recognizes the importance of using resources, reaching out for professional help when you relapse and the healing of body, mind and spirit.

Resources recommended:

24 hour cope line for moments of crisis 310-COPE: 1-855-310-2673

Wellness Together Canada: 1-866-585-0445

Global Citizens:

CMHA Community Connections:

Connect with Ilana on instagram:

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