Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional Recovery

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Hi there! Welcome to Christian Emotional Recovery, a podcast for survivors of childhood trauma, childhood emotional neglect, childhood narcissistic abuse, and any form of trauma. Many of us spend years trying to heal, and don't get anywhere. We don't always target the trauma itself, which is so often what keeps us stuck. The nature of trauma is that it literally becomes lodged in our brains and bodies. Trauma must be targeted where it's at, deep in our bodies and minds. This podcast is where faith meets science. I’m Rachel Leroy, a college professor and trauma survivor. I’m an emotional recovery expert with twenty years of experience applying healing modalities that helped me start making progress after nothing else worked. I'll show you how to do the same. We use traditional methods for drawing close to Christ, but we also use strategies and modalities such as meditation, EFT, and body work. Each week we'll cover a topic that will show you how to heal trauma for good. I'll teach you to access the deeper parts of your mind where the key to healing resides through specific and concrete strategies that will help you get into those deeper places in the mind--the places where you'll find the healing you've always sought and never gotten. God does heal, but not always in the ways we expect. Recovery takes time.This podcast is for people who are serious about healing and are willing to do the hard, difficult work to heal. Healing ain't for the faint-hearted! This groups offers actionable strategies that target the nature and root of trauma and get actual results. Please check out the website and show notes at and join the Facebook community, Trauma Survivors Unite: Christian Emotional Recovery. Subscribe to Christian Emotional Recovery Youtube:

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