Mycoverse The Mushroom Podcast

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"Friends. Family. Boys and Girls. All ages and all walks of life. I wish nothing but to send you pure love and positive vibrations. This is Mycoverse The Mushroom Podcast. Inspired by the work of mycologist Paul Stamets, I became deeply passionate about the field of mycology and the vast array of applications we all can easily deploy for the betterment of our environments. Healing diseases and mental illnesses, cleaning toxic waste from soil and water, being downright delicious and fun! The list goes on...This podcast shall serve as a platform for professional scientists and enthusiasts alike to converse and share their ideas, findings, and personal interests in and around the field of mycology. Spiritually scientific in nature, these episodes will vary across a wide range of topics that I find relevant and interesting. Dive into the Mycoverse and let's talk about fungi! Mush love to you and yours." - Nathan

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