EP.31 [CN] - Nikkor + Yuan : 深挖永续协议 Perp.fi v2 / A Deep Dive in Perpetual Protocol v2

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我们从回顾 Perp v1 的工作原理以及设计的优缺点开始这一集。接着我们开始讨论 Perp 团队在发布 v2 之前所做的其他一些工作。

然后我们讨论了 Perp v2 的细节,包括该协议如何利用现有的 Uniswap v3 设计以及引入更复杂的“做市商(即流动性提供者)”的演变角色。我们也触及了预言机和无准入开设市场的议题。然后进入了PERP通证经济学和去中心化协议治理权的探讨——用更为形而上的讨论完美做结。


推特: @Perpprotocol



重要声明:Mable Jiang或嘉宾在播客中的观点仅代表他们的个人看法,并不代表Multicoin Capital官方的观点。此播客仅用于提供信息,不作为投资参考。Multicoin Capital有时可能会在此节目中讨论的某些代币或公司中持有头寸。

We started this episode with reviewing how Perp v1 worked, and the pros and cons of the design. We then head into discussing some other effort that the Perp team made before publishing v2.

We then talked about the details of Perp v2, including how the protocol leverages the existing Uniswap v3 design and the evolved role of the more sophisticated "makers (i.e. liquidity providers)". We also touched upon the discussion of the oracle and the permissionless market creation. The discussion then went onto the tokenomics and decentralized protocols' governance rights - which perfectly concluded the discussion more metaphysically.

This episode really went into the bread and butter of the design and I truly enjoyed the discussion. Hope you do too!

Twitter: @Perpprotocol

Perpetual Protocol's Website: https://www.perp.fi/
For more information about Multicoin Capital, please visit https://multicoin.capital/.

Important Disclaimers: All opinions expressed by Mable Jiang, or other podcast guests, are solely their opinion and do not represent the opinions of Multicoin Capital in any way. This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Multicoin Capital may hold positions in some of the tokens and/or companies discussed on this show.

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