EP.32 [EN] - Alex Svanevik: A Deep Dive into Nansen's Services and some DAO Discussion / 深入探讨Nansen的数据服务及一些DAO的讨论

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In this episode, Alex shared with us about Nansen's three major value proposition for the users and its intentional choice of running a SAAS for on-chain data analytics service (instead of with a decentralized network). In light of the recent funding round, we talked about Nansen's business prioritization in the next few months, including the blockchain integration and data tags addition.

We also had a nice discussion about the existing building blocks / primitives of DAO infrastructure and how different pieces could tie together to serve the protocol DAOs.

Website: nansen.ai

Twitter: @ASvanevik

For more information about Multicoin Capital, please visit https://multicoin.capital/.

Important Disclaimers: All opinions expressed by Mable Jiang, or other podcast guests, are solely their opinion and do not represent the opinions of Multicoin Capital in any way. This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Multicoin Capital may hold positions in some of the tokens and/or companies discussed on this show.

在这一集中,Alex 与我们分享了 Nansen 为用户提供的三个主要价值以及它有意选择以企业服务(SAAS)的方式提供链上数据分析服务(而不是以去中心化网络的方式)。基于Nansen 近期公布的融资信息,我们也讨论了接下来的几个月Nansen的业务优先级,包括区块链集成和数据标签添加。

我们还对 DAO 基础设施的现有构建模块,以及不同的部分如何结合在一起为协议 DAO 提供服务,进行了很有意思的讨论。

网站: nansen.ai

推特: @ASvanevik


重要声明:Mable Jiang或嘉宾在播客中的观点仅代表他们的个人看法,并不代表Multicoin Capital官方的观点。此播客仅用于提供信息,不作为投资参考。Multicoin Capital有时可能会在此节目中讨论的某些代币或公司中持有头寸。

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