A Year In Business | Setting Up Within An Established Practice (Part 1)

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We all study acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the hope that we may develop into the greatest of practitioners. However, we are often under-prepared for how to set ourselves up as practitioners after graduation, or we are perplexed as to how we can take our already existing business to the next level. Today, in part 1, we speak to Vicky Newman of Cherry Tree Acupuncture, who talks us through a year in business and setting up as a sole trader within an already established clinic. In today's episode, we discuss the following:

  • Factors in deciding to set up within an established clinic.
  • The considerations of setting up within an established clinic: as a business (self-employed) vs. as an employee.
  • Working with/alongside other practitioners and setting up a support system.
  • Initial outlays and the costs of setting up within an already established clinic: What’s included? What do I need to know?
  • Different models of working within an already established clinic: (i) renting a space (for example; per hour, day or month). (ii) paying a percentage of your earnings. (iii) paying a fixed cost per patient.
  • Pricing: charging what you feel you’re worth.
  • Online – building your website and creating an online presence; social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), backlinks, and more.
  • Getting referrals, referral fees and building a network of patients from scratch.
  • Advertising.
  • Building and maintaining confidence as a practitioner: the key to your first year in practice.

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