Hoarding is Like Running Shoes | New Shoes - New Beliefs - New Support

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Hoarding is like running shoes. People buy running shoes based on their beliefs of what the shoes will do for them. You buy a certain type of shoe if you are a sprinter and a different type of shoe if you are a distance runner. The running shoes you choose need to have arch support and a flexible toe box so your toes can bend easily. The tread on the shoe will grip the road and the shock absorbers need to catch the bounce as your foot hits the pavement. The right running shoe will fit your foot and be so comfortable that you don't even know you are wearing a shoe.

Hoarding is like running shoes. People fill their homes with tools, trinkets, collectibles, clothes, books, crafts, movies, games, music, kitchenware, toys, and electronics. The stuff that's kept serves different purposes based on different interests and family members of all ages. They keep stuff based on the stories they tell themselves about its utility. The stuff symbolizes and celebrates different moments of progress in their lives.

Then one day like an old pair of running shoes whose tread is worn and shock is gone, their stuff grows old, falls apart and they grow out of or lose interest in their stuff. Still, it is too comfortable to toss. The emotional attachments to stuff tell a story and represent moments of meaning.

With the running shoe, it may be distances run or races won that symbolize achievement, status, and dreams come true. But the old running shoes like the hoarders' stuff no longer offers support, comfort, or utility.

Who knows when to get rid of running shoes or when to stop hoarding. It's different for everyone. but the hoarding journey begins with a single step. And we are here to clap and cheer you on as you run through. Join us at Hoarding World https://www.facebook.com/groups/hoardingworld

*** A TAPE OF AFFIRMATIONS I MADE FOR YOU *** The New Tape - https://youtu.be/n13ZBvaCMjw

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*** HOARDING IS LIKE RUNNING SHOES *** 0:00 - Hoarding is like running shoes 1:24 - Shoes wear out and need to be replaced 2:59 - Stuff we own wears out and needs to be tossed 3:22 - Old beliefs are like worn-out shoes with no arch support 3:44 - A comfort zone encourages one to hang on to old worn-out stuff 4:05 - People fill voids in their life with stuff 4:33 - It's okay to get a new pair of shoes (beliefs) with more support

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