How to Build & Scale a Boutique Consulting Business | Marti McLeish & Stephanie Murphy

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Taking your expertise in a certain field and converting it into a consultancy business is such a powerful way to level up your professional life. This is exactly what today's guests did, and we are so happy to sit down with Marti McLeish and Stephanie Murphy to talk about how they combined their powers to build the remarkable Noble Co, through which they help business owners get clear on their priorities and achieve their dreams.

This conversation contains some priceless insight into walking the path of entrepreneurship, the importance of finding the right partner, and how to truly offer an impactful service to clients. We also hear from Stephanie and Marti about creating the best client experience and the layered value of first impressions in the business world.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Noble Co's vision and value proposition.
  • The roots and motivation for the service that Noble Co provides.
  • Exploring Stephanie and Marti's special relationship and professional connection.
  • Stephanie and Marti share their favorite songs and compliments.
  • The initial steps that led to our guests founding Noble Co.
  • The different roles that Stephanie and Marti play in the company.
  • Looking at a recent example of how Noble Co solved a client's problem.
  • The importance of maintaining high standards for Stephanie and Marti.
  • Creating a powerful first impression; pieces of advice from our guests.
  • Reflecting on important moments on our guests' journey to pursue their dreams.

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