What is the difference between botox and filler? Ft. The Plastic NP

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This episode of Big Butts No Lies Plastic Surgery Podcast is one of my favorites!
Listen in as The Plastic NP and Lasertechtaylor spill all the juicy details on how to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.
We are taking it back to basics and answering questions you would normally hear in an initial consultation.
Jen Pilotte shares insight on industry standards as well as the newest safety devices for injectors. Taylor gives us a great starter skincare regimen for perfect glowing healthy skin!
What is Botox?
When should I get Botox?
What if the difference between Botox and filler?
What are different fillers used for?
How do you get glowing skin?
What is microneedling ?
What is Hydrafacial?
What is facial rejuvenation ?
This podcast is made for you! If there is something you want me to about or a surgeon you want to see me interview send it to me on Instagram .
BIG BUTTS NO LIES: Plastic Surgery Podcast Series | United States
Jen Pilotte NP-C on Direct.me
Lemmon Ave. Plastic Surgery & Laser Center (lemmonavenueplasticsurgery.com)

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