What is Top Surgery? Dr.Megan Dreveskcratch

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For those who have had to live their lives not feeling aligned with their inner identity FTM or MTF surgery is a life changing option.

Nothing is without hurdles, finding the right surgeon, maneuvering through insurance and requirements prior to surgery just to name a few. Cis women take for granted how privileged we are to identify with the gender assigned to us at birth.

On this episode we enjoy the company of our dear friend Dr.Megan Dreveschratand her patient Alex. Alex shares with us his surgical ftm surgery experience. We discuss questions like:

How do I get top surgery?

What does top surgery cost?

What are the two types of top surgery?

The different types of Top Surgery include:

  • Keyhole.
  • Donut procedure.
  • Batwing procedure.
  • Double incision.
  • Inverted T.

What age can you get top surgery?

Do you have to be on testosterone to get top surgery?

How long is recovery from top surgery?

Does insurance cover top surgery?

Who is the best FTM top surgeon?

How do you get diagnosed with gender dysphoria?

Where do I start with top surgery?

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Megan Dreveskracht Female Plastic Surgery in Seattle Washington (drmeganmd.com)

GENDER CONFIRMATION | Megan Dreveskracht (drmeganmd.com)

Top Surgery Guide - Find a Surgeon for FTM Top Surgery
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