#169 The Greater Power of Sound – Christine Morrison

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This week, I had the great pleasure of speaking to Christine Morrison, WA based musician, composer, music alchemist and sound healer.

While I featured guests of a similar ilk previously on the podcast, what makes this really different is the fact that over the last four months I myself have been working with Christine to explore sound for myself. So rather than this being a theoretical discussion, it's very much starts off as an experiential discussion with Christine providing deeper context. This includes how I’ve myself now use sound to connect into my body and how that has led to a number of experiences which I could say rival certain psychedelic experiences.

From that Christine talks about how her work with sound came into her life – which is something she didn't really want to start with but she shares her process of letting go and answering the call.

Christine is a super grounded lady with a deep history of working with sounds that includes indigenous links which really sets the tone for this discussion about using sound as a modality to really bring us back into our body at a time when it's easy to be just swept up and swept away by our minds.

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