#188 You’re always in the flow of Spirit – Shaun Nannup

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This week I had a beautiful but firm and honest conversation with Shaun Nannup, who describes himself as a human being, indigenous man and father.

Spirit was quite a common element in the conversation with Shaun. He spoke about softening the body, the heart and the mind to receive messages, about overcoming the need for control and to trust in spirit and also how we're always in the flow of spirit, even when we feel like we might be disconnected.

Shaun also spoke about how in times of radical change, much like we are in now, how we need to be brutally honest and truthful with ourselves; otherwise life will go and live on elsewhere. Listen out for when Shaun shares his analogy about handing out life jackets on a sinking ship.

Shaun is a beautiful man, he's really softly but commandingly spoken. He says how often it's a challenge, strangely enough, to fully appreciate life. However, listening and truly sitting with this conversation will help you to close that gap.

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