Insider Scoop Season 3, Episode 2 - A Firsthand Account of Personal Growth with BU Coach; Jess Buser

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All too often as Coaches people assume that we always have our shit together and we never struggle with our mind or emotions. In this special episode of Insider Scoop we welcome BU Coach; Jess Buser onto the show to share her story of growth. From starting out as a member here at BU to now being on our Coaching team, Jess is a shining example of everything BU stands for. In this open and honest interview Jess shares the struggles she was going through that led her to Coaching and she opens up about the steps that helped her create a life of emotional freedom.

So how exactly did Jess go from feeling lost, unfulfilled and emotionally volatile to enjoying a life of emotional freedom and thriving? You'll have to listen to the episode to find out.

*NOTE: About halfway through this episode the heavens opened up and poured down a tonne of rain. There's a little bit of background noise but it doesn't overshadow the amazing insights that Jess provides.

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