SPECIAL EPISODE: Explaining the Radio Silence + a Temporary Farewell

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In this special episode of the show, I wanted to be raw, real and honest with you all. Despite having an amazing year with the show expanding into 13 countries and experiencing a 70% growth in listeners I've been feeling disconnected from the show for a few months now.

This is why there hasn't been a new episode for over a month and it's also why I've decided to let go of the show for the time being and take a step back. It takes a lot of effort, time and energy to make this show a reality and lately it's felt more like an obligation than a joy.

When I sat with this decision I realised it was a green light move (equally scary and exciting) for me to let go.

However, this isn't goodbye forever. My intention at this point in time is to take the next few months to reconnect with why I started a podcast in the first place. In that time I'll be exploring the key messages and themes I want to bring back to the show as well as lining up some incredible guests.

I'll also be developing a brand new show 'Working Well with Declan Edwards' to complement BU with Declan Edwards. Where BU with Declan Edwards will continue to focus on personal development and wellbeing, our new show 'Working Well with Declan Edwards' will focus on workplace wellbeing and what it takes to create a culture of thriving and happiness at work.

Season 4 of BU with Declan Edwards and Season 1 of Working Well with Declan Edwards are both going to be launch in late March 2021.

In the meantime please feel free to catch up on any episodes of the show that you've missed or to connect with me personally on Facebook and Instagram (@declanedwards_bu) as I'll be utilising these platforms to continue growing global wellbeing, one mind at a time.

Until next year, thank you for being a part of this journey and listening to the show.

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