How To Be An Empowered Woman? Interview with Marta Spirk (ep-160)

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Today on the podcast I'm chatting with Marta Spirk, from

Marta Spirk is a writer, podcaster and woman empowerment coach. Her focus is on helping selfless, overwhelmed women learn to put themselves first, stop people-pleasing and become their own support system. Through her podcast The Empowered Woman, her virtual self-improvement membership and workshops, she hopes to encourage and uplift women to step into their own power and realize they can HAVE IT ALL!

This episode was so fun and very quickly pivoted into a deep and important conversation for women.

We talked about feminism and some triggering pain points for women.

Highlights from today's interview

  • Marta's becoming an empowered woman story
  • The definition of empowerment and why it's not hating-men
  • The process of self-definition and taking responsibility for your own life
  • The 5 steps of self-empowerment for women
  • The importance of a community of women and having a support group for the integration of empowerment.

Show notes

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