Doubt - Part Three: "The Dark Night of the Soul" (Sermon Only)

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Don't Let Doubt Freak You Out (Part Three)
Sermon Only Edition
Season Two - Episode Eight

Please note that this is the SERMON ONLY version of this episode which gets straight to the sermon (+ a meditation and song). For the FULL SERVICE, which includes all the horror and comedy drama elements, click here.

Peter Laws concludes our three week series on 'Don't Let Doubt Freak You Out'. Tonight he explores those scary times when life makes little to no sense, often referred to as 'The Dark Night of the Soul.'
After that, he leads us in a time of prayer and meditation in which you will take on the role of a young Native American child from the tribe of Cherokee. See, I told you you get gold in this podcast.
Then, it's over to the church band who make our ears bleed with the distorted guitar sounds of this week's horror hymn called 'Luminous Darkness'. For who said church hymns should not include ominous words of lament, sometimes.
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