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It has been awhile everyone, and as you can imagine, there's a lot that has happened. But..we simply pick up where we think we left off. D, Honch, Bubba, and V. It starts off with D obsessing over a pizza shop that Honch's dad once owned, and in a brief visit, Honch's dad gives D an entire stick of pepperoni. It is all about the grease cups.
The Honch loves Rude Jude, and while he started with out a story about a Nigerian woman who is divorcing his wife because his penis was too big, to talking about Jenny Jones and Steve.
In other news, the D is jealous that a Texas "teacher of the year" recipient stepped down because she gave a student oral sex. It leaves Honch asking why his teacher growing up, didn't offer the same services. She was arrested...of course, and it was all linked back to text messages.
Bubba brings to the table, a story of a man who was scamming over 35 woman as girlfriends. All of them bought him gifts for his birthday. How would you manage that many girlfrields. Would it be an app? Maybe he manages them from his customer list, which is comprised of people he sold shower heads to.
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