Creating Self Trust, Courage and Spirituality with Dr. Beth Anne K.W.

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Dr. BethAnne Kapansky Wright, Licensed Dr. of Psycholoy, is deeply passionate about inspiring authentic change in others. As a Spiritual Psychologist, Intuitive Channel, Author, Master Teacher and Artist, she blends the worlds of psychology and spirit to offer dynamic teaching on personal transformation and personal development.

Dr. BethAnne's life underwent a profound change after her brother's abrupt and sudden death in 2016. Her traumatic loss resulted in a parting gift, that of extraordinary intuition and psychic abilities, and she is known as the Psychic Psychologist. Through her unique healing gifts of word magic, multidimensional wisdom, and heart-based transmissions, and as an award-winning author on grief, Dr. BethAnne provides answers and guidance blended from her therapeutic background to the higher spiritual perspective to people's life challenges and questions. Individuals can then understand their soul language, needs, and purpose while transforming blocks, anxiety, trauma, fears, and loss. Dr. BethAnne provides consultations to Corporate C-Suite members, business owners, healers, and those focused on personal or leadership growth. She guides her clients to ask the right questions and understand the depths and all aspects of the answers to move them forward to heal, grow, expand, and enjoy enduring personal power, mastery, freedom, and joy.


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