Global Consciousness Project with Roger Nelson PhD.

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Roger Nelson, PhD, is the Director of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). He studied physics and sculpture at the University of Rochester, and experimental psychology at New York University and Columbia. He is the author or co-author of 100 technical papers and three books: Connected: The Emergence of Global Consciousness, Der Welt-Geist: wie wir alle miteinander verbunden sind, and Die Welt-Kraft in Dir (German) with Georg Kindel. He was Professor of Psychology at Johnson State College in northern Vermont, and in 1980 joined Princeton University's PEAR lab to coordinate research. His focus is on mental interactions, anomalous information transfer, and effects on random systems by individuals and groups. He created the GCP in 1997, building a world-spanning random number generator network designed to gather evidence of coalescing global consciousness. He lives in Princeton, NJ, and his website is

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