Spirituality and Holistic Dentistry with Leslie Van Oostenbrugge

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Leslie Van Oostenbrugge runs her own holistic dental office in Vianen, the Netherlands. Blending professional insights from holistic dentistry with practical wisdom from the Law of Attraction, Leslie Van Oostenbrugge makes the link between dental disease, health and emotional wellbeing. Leslie is also the author of the book Emotional Alignment Is Easy, which offers the missing link between dentistry and holistic healing. Known as ‘The Awakening Dentist’, Leslie has a unique ethos and no matter your trade or your training, whether you are the most experienced dental surgeon or the most nervous dental patient, you will learn from Leslie’s stories from the dentist’s chair and learn even more from her adventures in manifestation. As a former physical therapist she is also aware of the mind, body and soul interconnection.


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