Your Blue Print to Freedom and Healing of Trauma with Dr. Kim DiRe

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Dr. Kim DiRe’ is trained, practiced, and certified in multiple disciplinary treatments as a trauma healer. Her trauma healing response model has grown in popularity by referring physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologist to individuals seeking a better and balanced nervous system.

Dr. DiRe’ is also a certified Somatic® Experiencing Practitioner. She has a Masters in Education as well as a Masters in Counseling. Dr. DiRe’ received a well earned Doctorate of Behavioral Health from Arizona State University. Besides being certified as a clinical hypnotherapist, Dr. DiRe’ is certified in Shapedown® and KidShape®, two nationally acclaimed childhood obesity programs. Dr. DiRe’ uses her knowledge and skills to work with individuals dealing with trauma. In 2015, she received and was recognized with a Spirit of Achievement Award from Sierra Tucson for the clinical work in the trauma healing field.

The trauma healing therapy approaches Dr. DiRe’ uses are interrelated. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Somatic Experiencing (SE) are integrated for more nervous system regulated balance. Dr. DiRe’ has also created her own healing technique using tools of attention, intention, and awareness, using a client’s own levels of resilience, called Blue Print to Freedom. Each of her treatment sessions are unique and takes place in a non-judgmental and safe environment for a “healing sanctuary”. Dysregulation of the nervous system is caused by traumatic experiences or events, or natural events such as tornados, fires, the covid pandemic, catastrophic illnesses or, human breeches such as in utero and birth trauma, attachment issues, eating disorders caused by trauma, all abuse including neglect, physical, and sexual, tissue trauma, surgeries, or car accidents.

Using shifts in the neurological, chemical, and physiological complex systems of the body and mind are part of Dr. DiRe’s healing trauma protocol. The individual becomes free from the imprisonment of their trapped pain and can then flourish and thrive in their own self-care. Helping others with their healing journey is the work Dr. DiRe’ loves and feels honored to do.




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