Episode 01 | Picnic Like a Heroine, Part 1: Blissfully Sticky with Katy Carr

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Who was the mystery heroine who picknicked like a boss and taught us that the bar should be set at “blissfully sticky”? Get your red checkered blanket ready to roll, because we can’t wait to talk all things heroine and picnics.



No one picnics as blissfully as a heroine. In this show, we give props to Katy Carr, of What Katy Did: She knew how to elevate the ploughman’s lunch to something magical.

We reveal the captivating history of the picnic, dating back centuries, and urge you not to go bananas like the Victorians (so no “epic collar of calf’s head''). Finally, we offer tips on how to pick a setting like a heroine, and ponder how our friend Natalie’s suitor was able to make fettuccine alfredo on the side of a mountain.

Katy’s Mini Molasses Pies: https://www.acoalcrackerinthekitchen.com/2021/01/16/shoofletts-mini-shoofly-pies/

What’s your favorite picnic memory? Do tell so we can share in a future episode. Email us at hello@jennyewilliams.com
Theme Music: "Beyond the Ponds" by Francis Wells

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