50 - Guest Episode - The gift of being an observer - with Dr Mary Helen Hensley

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In this episode I chat with Dr Mary Helen Hensley. What can I say? :-) We hit the ground running, rather than me asking her formal questions we just let the conversation flow where it would, and we covered quite a few issues including what she is finding in her patients right now, what healing means, relationship dynamics, what is sacred and holy, and boundaries and permissions. I must warn you, both of us are being completely ourselves here, and so we may have some opinions that are 'hot topics' and you may not agree with us on all of them, but that's okay. Let's make some space for it. We are all love and compassion, just having a conversation where both parties are relaxed, it could be easy for you the listener to be triggered. This podcast does come with a trigger warning!
Mary Helen shares some of the personal details of her life that have shaped her into the person that she is, her dynamism and vibrancy shines through in every moment. She’s even changed my mind on a few things - she certainly has plenty of wisdom, and offers us much food for thought. She said we were a good mixture of crazy and calm, I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one of us was what.

About our guest: Dr. Mary Helen Hensley is based in Ireland and is a metaphysical healer, chiropractor and international inspirational speaker. She has authored numerous books including Promised by Heaven, Bringing Death To Life, Hugh and the Manatee, and Understanding is the New Healing (which recently was being read by someone on a Netflix show!). She’s a contributor and editor for a series of books called “Mental Health for Millennials” published by Book Hub in Galway. You can find her on her Facebook page , her YouTube channel and via her website https://www.maryhelenhensley.com/

I recommend you listen to her healing music track Covid-19 Frequency for healing - it's very relaxing and helps with stress, fear and anxiety around anything to do with the virus.

If you're a healer and want additional support, you can join Abby Wynne and Honey Golden's group, Lightworker Peer Support.

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